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The phrase "biggest day of one's life" is generally reserved for such momentous and memorable days as weddings and the birth of one's children! These once in a lifetime special occasions are to be unforgettable experiences and are engrained into your memory forever. Since folks rarely rent limos for child birth, we're going to concentrate on your first biggest day of your life... Your wedding!

When you begin to plan your wedding day, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the vast amount of choices you are confronted with. Where to have the ceremony, where the reception will be, which photographer to choose, do I want video, what kind of food to have, where am I going to get flowers... The list goes on. Raleigh Limos has a lot of experience when it comes to weddings. So, we've asked our great people and also some friends in the business for some tips and valuable information for us to pass along to you. With this info, we've managed to compile a few pages with some friendly advice and tips to aid in getting you started in hopes of helping your wedding planning process to go a bit easier. As with any subject, you're going to find varying opinions. So, we would not recommend taking any advice as a last word... Including what we have here. However, we highly recommend that you gather information for various sources and collectively pool your newly found knowledge and use the collective information to ascertain what will suit you and your fiancé the best. With that in mind, we've done our best to compile a helpful and concise source of information with the hope that it will give you one more valuable source of information to add to your pool of expertise. To add some value even further, we've included links to some friends in the area to get you started along your way! Be sure to check them out after you peruse our guide. Thanks to our friends at Weddings in Michigan and Weddings in Sacramento for the help with the resources.

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