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Finding a Raleigh wedding photographer that suits you might very well be the most important decision you will make because this is the decision you will be able to look back on and enjoy for the rest of your lives! With that in mind, you want to be sure that you have a photographer who's style is one that you love. Take a look at their body of work... and not just their wedding portfolio (though it is VERY important to take a close look specifically at the wedding portfolio). You'll find that their style will carry throughout their entire portfolio. Is this style, a style you love? If so, dig deeper... While you're doing your research on their website, be sure to pay attention to whether or not they have social media and/or a blog. If they do, be sure to check out these pages too. You'll probably learn the most from these sites because they are interactive and an excellent cue as to how their clients feel about them and their work, and also, these forms of media are most likely to be the most current source for their work.

Backtracking now a bit... You know how to search out the photographer's you've found and do your homework to that end. But, do you know which style of wedding photography that you're keen on? There's a few different generally acknowledged genres:

Photojournalistic/Documentary – This method of wedding photography is pretty popular these days, and for good reason... It is a style that is non-invasive to the wedding party and their guests, and a good documentary or photojournalist wedding photographer lives to capture the natural and true emotion that is pervasive throughout any wedding. If you're looking for a photography style that is largely based on telling the story of your wedding, you'll want to find a good photographer who specializes in this genre.

Traditional – The traditional wedding photographer tends to have a very heavy focus on getting staged portraits of the couple, the family, friends, and pretty much all of the guests. If you're looking to have portraits of everyone and have an extensive family formal portrait list, you'll likely want to find a photographer who is well versed into the traditional style of wedding photography.

Artistic – The artistic styled wedding photographer is going to do his or her best to incorporate the entire wedding scene to give you ethereal photographs. You'll find that this style artistically seeks out color, oblique angles, and the decorum of the wedding. If you're looking for exquisitely detailed shots of your wedding accoutrements as well as the décor of the reception and wedding hall... Someone who concentrates on an artistic style is the one for you.

Truth be told, however, almost all wedding photographers are going to incorporate elements of each style for all of their wedding shoots. The perfect wedding photographer for you will offer the blend of styles that suits your needs the best... budget aside.

If you're on a tight budget, you can look to newcomers to the field. Sometimes you'll find photographers of great skill are getting started in the industry just at the right time for you. However, you will want to be sure they have the equipment to handle the job. Make sure to inquire as to whether they have backup equipment and an assortment of lenses suitable to handling the job. There is nothing worse than losing out on memories of the biggest day of your life because your photographer's camera broke, or their only standard lens failed. As long as they have provisions in case of accident, and you are comfortable with their portfolio and demeanor, it just might be worth the risk. However, sometimes when budget is not your primary concern, it is well worth the added investment to get the peace of mind that comes with hiring a seasoned professional. Big thanks to Wedding Photos in Detroit for helping with our out of town clients.


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