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Wedding planning is exciting, but can be stressful. You'll be planning every aspect, flowers, linens, chairs, dinnerware - don't forget to plan for your makeup! Choosing a makeup artist is one of the more relaxing aspects of wedding planning.

Finding a makeup artist is much like finding an other vendor, but you might even have some ideas already. While it's likely you don't have prior experience with hiring caterers, live bands, DJs, or videographers, you've probably been to a few salons before to have your hair done! If your favorite salon offers makeup services, set up a trial. Or you can stop by your favorite cosmetics counter and see what options they offer. Or, like with other vendor searches, you can get online and find out if there are any independent makeup artists near you. Make a list of potential hires.

Now that you have created a list, it's time to narrow down your search by getting rid of the artists who will not work for you. You can do this by giving them a call and asking about prices and availability. If an artist exceeds your budget or is not available for your wedding you can cross them off your list.

The next step is to set up meetings with your potential hires. This is the time to get some background information on the artist. Some good questions to ask goes as follows, where did you learn to apply makeup?, how long have you been doing makeup?, are you state certified?, are you willing to travel to me?, do I need to make a down payment? The single most important question to ask is to view their portfolios. There is absolutely no reason a makeup artist should not allow you to view their portfolios. It is important to see the work they have done in the past. If by chance they will not let you see their portfolios, kindly take your business elsewhere. When viewing their portfolios look for their ability to do detailed work, and ability to match skin tones.

Next, you should schedule a trial with the makeup artist. A trial is when the artist will do your make up in the same way it will be done for your wedding. This is the time to discuss your likes and dislikes. The makeup artist should make all of the appropriate changes until you are satisfied.

Once you have found an artist who can meet your makeup needs, the last step is to book them for your wedding. Some artists will require you to make a deposit and sign a contract. There's so many talented artists in Raleigh that your'e sure to be looking flawless on the day of your wedding!


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