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If you are considering hiring a private wait staff and bartender for your wedding, its a fantastic idea! You probably have no idea how to evaluate the companies. That is understandable, after all it is a profession most of us are unfamiliar with. We've put this guide together to help you through the process of dining the best wait staff for your wedding reception.

The first thing that you are going to need to do is create a list of potential hires. The single most powerful tool you have at your advantage is the internet. Search engines are wonderful at helping you differentiate good companies from the bad ones. This is due to the fact that most search engines offer reviews on businesses. The reviews come from both current as well as former clients. The top of your list should be the companies with the highest customer reviews. If a company has various bad reviews, and thus a bad reputation do not consider them an option. The companies with the best reputations are far more likely to provide you with the exceptional service that you deserve.

To shorten down your list, call the companies and ask about the rates and availability. If the company is not available for your wedding or exceeds your budget, you can cross them off of your list. Get some basic information on the companies. First of all ask about the experience of the wait staff members. They should all have a minimum of six months prior experience. They do not need years and years of experience, all though the more experienced they are, the more likely they are to provide great service. Will they provide all of their own supplies, including alcohol? What will they be wearing? How early will they arrive? The final thing that you should ask about is the gratuity. Will the gratuity be included in the final cost? If not, who will pay it? You can personally take care of it, or you can ask that your guests tip their wait staff and bartender.

Once you've chosen the company that best suits your needs, you can move forward with the hiring process. This will typically involve reviewing your contract, giving your signature, and making a deposit. Make sure the contract covers all of the details, including start and end times, how many staff members, and exact cost breakdowns.

Finding a private wait staff to service your reception can be a difficult task, especially if you do not know where to begin. This simple guide was created to give you the information necessary to hire the best wait staff for your wedding needs. If you follow the tips in this guide this hiring process will be an easy one. Fortunately, there are various established private wait staff companies in Raleigh for you to choose from, go and check them out!

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